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About us
We transform conceptual ideas into photo realistic rendering
3dkaren is a creative agency specializing in photo realistic architectural visualization. We are able to create nonexistent things
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Our last projects

  • Interior visualization

    nterior 3D architectural visualization helps you in expressing your ideas in a photo-realistic way.

    Explore our cutting-edge 3D rendering technologies to design and showcase your upcoming projects in the most creative way.3D visualization is all about visual persuasion.

  • Exterior visuazliation

    we are constantly scrutinizing new ways to develop floor plans, elevations and sketches into high resolution architectural exterior renderings.

    Our CGI services will help bring our clients’ projects to life quickly and affordably, no matter how small or large your architectural project is.

  • Product Visualization

    3d karen team With improved quality of photorealistic 3D visualizations in the past few years, which are nowadays undistinguishable from high quality studio pictures, several furniture, lighting and products manufacturers have decided to engage with a different approach for the development of their marketing materials.


What we’re good at

We are able to create nonexistent things in a persuasive and mesmerizing manner, and that is the magnificence and ample advantage of our work. We transform conceptual ideas into spirit-stirring photo-realistic 3D images and animation providing the substantial visual promotion of office, public, residential, and industrial projects on the market.
Photo realistic rendering
Virtual Reality
3d Animations
We're committed to providing our customers with the best possible service.