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3dkaren has an affordable offer for your hiring system. f your company has constant projects, absolutely there are many benefits in hiring full-time employees. According to clients’ changes, sometimes outsourcing couldn’t be the best option. on the other hand, hiring, full-time designers in house have their own issues for a company.

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As we have an international architectural studio specialized in architectural services, just now we have 10 gifted designers in house to fulfill any tasks in architectural projects. As our main vision is starting a longstanding corporation with our customers, we have made our decision to prepare a new service for a monthly contract in architectural positions. By this way, According to your needs ,you can choose our available CG artists, designers, architects on monthly contract exclusively for your company. We will be responsible for assigning and coordinating between employer and employees during the monthly contract so you’ll have team support behind your employees.

Milad Sadeghi
Founder & CEO


Why you need?
Having an architectural company with constantly projects need several employees, (engineers, CG artist, designers) and professional employees for specific skills to fulfill any architectural projects. From this perspective, your company could expand several services.
Who is it suitable for?
• If your company uses outsourcing... • If your company has full-time employees in-house... • If you are going to hire remote position...
What is the BENEFITS?
• He will be your exclusive remote designer. • Order anytime, order anything without any extra charges for changes during projects. • Receive daily report, • Flexible on your daily schedule • Control his workflow and comment to have a clear process and avoid any misunderstanding. • while you are occupied with your schedule we can add another designer on your tasks to deliver in your deadlines. • avoid several extra costs like tax or sth like that.. • team support, if you hire only one designer, you will have a team behind your screen, because if we find any complexity or problems in the process, our team will solve it instantly. • very competitive pricing for monthly contracts. • Dedicate special computers for rendering (several options)
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Afsaneh Majidi

CG artist

Pouya Khosrogerdi

CG artist

Bahar Mostafaii

CG artist

Reyhaneh Shah Mohammadi

CG artist

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